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Just like that drawer in every house designated for the miscellaneous, The Jack's Junk Drawer is a place to toss around random and sometimes useless tidbits of thought, interest, and discovery. As a Jack of all trades (see what I did there?), I didn't want to limit myself strictly to writing, reading, graphics, Real Life, fandom, movies, acting, or the host of other interests I have. I want it all and, as Veruca Salt would say, "I want it now!"

About Me:

Since I was a very little girl, all I wanted to do with my life was be a movie star. Some people grow out of their childhood dreams, but I never did. As I learned my craft, I fell more and more in love with the stage and the camera, and dedicated myself to my passion. For twenty some-odd years, it consumed me, so you can imagine my confusion when Writing wormed its way into the back of my mind, taking up residence and eventually growing into a full-fledged dream. I now want to get published an original manuscript just as badly as I want to star alongside Reese Witherspoon or Meryl Streep. 

But being a writer and actress doesn't make me a Jack. What does are my love for food, art, and quirk; my interests in graphic design, redefining healthy, and puzzles; and my obsessions with fandom, absurdly depressing music, and bad television. I aim to explore it all.

About the Blog:

Like I said above, I don't like being confined to one area of interest. I'm a color outside the lines kind of girl! (Okay, that's not true. I'm actually incredibly OCD about coloring inside the lines. But I like not having lines to begin with. I will go so far as to abuse whiteout just to get rid of a line I don't like, but I digress) This catch-all blog will feature a number of recurring posts, such as:
  • Word of the Day — I love learning new words and seeing how other people use them. Most of the time, I will seek out words, but what excites me most is when I happen to stumble upon a great word I had either forgotten or never knew.
  • Reviews — Entertainment is my passion. Books, movies, TV, and the stage, all of them will be represented at one point or another.
  • Recipes — Some will be about substituting healthy, because I've made strides to be the best me I can be (help! I've fallen into a cliché and I can't get out!). Some will be good old fashion fat and grease, because life needs its exceptions. I'll also be doling out drink and tasty dessert recipes. Darn, I'm hungry just thinking about it all!
  • Tricks of the Trade — If there's something I can impart my vast and magnificent wisdom on, then it shall be done. And then you can tell me how wrong I am and we'll get into a debate. Gotta love a good debate!
But wait! That's not all! On top of the regulars, I'll be posting whatever my little heart desires. Perhaps I'll feel a pull toward sports. Maybe I'll feel inspired and start naming rock stars' children. If it exists, it's mine for the picking, so hold on to your hats and enjoy the randomly awesome pieces of nothing and everything you'll get from peeking inside my junk drawer.

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